We like big bowls and we cannot lie.

Jup, we love bowls. And every bowl also includes an incredibly delicious dessert (can you treat yourself? We think so hihi :)) and sparkling drinks.

Here you'll find our menu:


We are looking forward to seeing you - either you stop by and choose your favorite dishes on site or you order online via our Pick-Up-Store and pick up everything freshly prepared at the Pick-Up-Counter.

It's getting spicy!

Special Bowl #1: Spicy Lentil Monk

Our new special bowl will definitely spice up your life: rice, poke, yellow lentil meatballs, saffron cabbage, sweet potato cream, radish, paprika, pomegranate seeds and zatar topped with a spicy sriracha-sauce.

Spice up your life - NOW!

Warm Bowl

Special Bowl #2: Hot Curry Monk

This month we have two special bowls for: our Hot Curry Monk keeps you warm on cold days: rice, lentil curry, edamame, grated coconut, peanuts & coriander. It's getting hot in here!


Special Soup

Tom Yam-Soup

If you were wondering what Tom Yam means we have great news for you. The national dish from thailand means "mixed soup": udon noodles, shrimps, tomatoes & coriander topped with a fresh lime.


Fat Monk on the go


Order your desired bowls in advance and pick them up at the Pick-Up-Counter.

Hunger, now!