Who the f*** is Fat Monk?

In short: a master of individual cuisine and your own personal favorite bowl. He has traveled halfway around the world (although it's actually more like all over the world), in order to really bring together only the best of different worlds. He has carried out countless tastings (aaawwww, poor Monk), inspected numerous kitchens, interviewed master chefs, crossed the most beautiful rice fields, navigated the seas, visited local farmers, walked through the freshest fruit and vegetable fields AND he has apparently copied a few originally Austrian preparation techniques from many grandmas & grandpas ;)

The result: Fat Monk - Deli Bowls, a loving fusion of Poke, Nourish and Buddha Bowls, which have been refined with Austrian products and preparation ideas. With a lot of passion, creativity and also a juicy portion of craziness, he has created our 7 bowlicious Signature Bowls for you. We are especially in love with the homemade marinades (secret recipes of course!), dressings and creams (which, by the way, are all vegan).

Something we find incredibowl, is that even our forgotten Austrian vitamin stars, such as the beloved radish, has a revival. Fat Monk, of course, has thought of everyone: Because the habit-loving amongst you can simply choose their favorite from our Signature Bowls and are made happy every day. All individualists and decision-makers have - with our borderline genius selection of ingredients - a whopping 1,428,134,400 possible combinations to create their own bowl and to define themselves.

Bowl appétit!

Made by a Monk

Our Products

Not only do we know where it comes from, we also know how it's made. All of our dressings and creams are vegan and touched with love. Our greens are fresh or gently braised. Some of our greens are also harvested in season, marinated, pickled, and thus preserved naturally so that they taste out of season and above all, are nutritious – just like back in the day. Also, our meat & fish are marinated with homemade secret recipes.

Selected by a Monk

Our Suppliers

Our bowls are internationally inspired and yet include a good portion of Austria. If possible, we source our products regionally and seasonally from selected partners. The “Sojarei” in Traiskirchen delivers our organic tofu, our hummus is from NENI, our fruit and vegetable stars come fresh and friendly from the fruit house of the Haller family. We buy the fish in the best sushi quality from family Aibler of Eishken Estate and our roast beef, pulled and jerk chicken might have English names, but they are all from Austrian breeding. After all, we do not want to serve you anything that we ourselves wouldn't like to eat every day.