A balanced diet is
a bowl in both hands...

...a Deli Bowl in both hands :)

Because our bowls are filled with protein, carbohydrates, greens, various toppings and topped off with a fine cream. Whether you enjoy crunchy, soft, with meat or fish, vegetarian, or vegan - they all have one thing in common: they are extraordinary and high-quality ingredients, selected with love, prepared, create and put together for you with a hint of craziness. True to the motto: quality & ingredients selected by a Monk.


Influencer Bowl

Special-Bowl by @valentinaballerina

You have voted like craaaazy on Instagram for your favourite influencer bowl and now the special bowl from @valentinaballerina is finally available at Fat Monk. Filled with the most delicious ingredients and 2 proteins, the bowl is definitely a must-try: 1/2 zoodles, 1/2 rice, ponzu, salmon, violife greek-white-feta, avocado, leaf spinat, edamame, mango, watermelon, lemon verbena-mayo, pine nuts and sesam :)

You can try the bowl only until the end of august: hungry, now!

Cold Salad Bowl


If we are ready for summer? Kuss Kuss, Kiss Kiss - whatelse? Our new summerbowl cools you down when it's hot outside: beetroot-couscous, feta, watermelon, rocket salad, edamame, cucumber, pomegranate seeds, pine nuts and lemongras-mayo on top.

Good to know: The bowl is also available vegan. Just order it with Violife Greek White-Feta :)

Unsere neue Mehrwegbowl


Help us reduce packaging material with our REUSEABOWL. The bowl consists of 98% renewable resources, 40% wood and bioplastic. She is 100% BPA-free, recycable and dishwasher-safe.

9,90€ or free when you bring a full Fat Monk-stampcard! And with every refill you will get one topping for free! Available in our Fat Monk-Stores :)